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Take the stress out of meeting planning with GoGather's full-service strategic meeting solutions. We're your team behind the scenes.

We're here to say it: meetings can be fun!

Trust us. We've seen a lot of bad and a lot of great meetings. We've seen a lot of people pull their hair out over the number of tasks on their plate.

We're here to help you improve those processes and make your meetings amazing.


Managing every step for you.

Corporate meetings can be a headache to plan, especially when there are multiple throughout the year. GoGather offers full-service strategic meeting management to alleviate your stress so you can focus on connecting with your attendees.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Venue sourcing and management
  • Attendee coordination
  • Registration management
  • Budget management
  • Vendor management, including food & beverage and audio/visual

Attendee engagement.

If you're spending the time and money to gather people for a meeting, let's make sure they're not just another "this could've been an email" meeting. GoGather will help you with:

  • Creative theme ideation and creation
  • Agenda planning, including interactive sessions and engaging breaks
  • Fun guest speakers and entertainers
  • Team bonding opportunities
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Your single point of truth.

There are lots of moving parts when it comes to meeting planning - multiple rooms, catering, attendee travel. We manage everything for you in one place so you have full visibility.

  • Client portal for timeline, budget and on-site schedule insights
  • Transparent budget process
  • Asset support for streamlined presentations

Location management.

The "where" is often as important as the "what". Our team has strong relationships with top venues and can help you find the right one to fit your needs.

  • Venue sourcing
  • Venue negotiations
  • Breakout room and general session layout planning
  • Food & beverage management
  • Audio & visual management

Attendee coordination.

From flights to registration, we've got all the headache-inducing logistics managed for you.

  • Travel and hoteling management
  • Executive support and coordination
  • Registration management

Brand management.

Your theme and branding is vital to valuable meetings. We'll help you manage:

  • Branding and theming ideation
  • Content creation and agenda planning
  • Giveaways and gifts

Team events & outings.

Dinners, team bonding activities and de-stress events all contribute to stronger teams. GoGather can plan these events for you along with your meetings.

  • Activity ideation and venue sourcing
  • Food and beverage management
  • Logistics management

Let's plan your next meeting.

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Strategic meetings made easy.

GoGather works closely with you to ensure your meeting hits all the marks.

Collaborative Planning With our customer portal, your team has full visibility into every detail that we manage so you can feel confident in the planning process.  
Transparent Pricing We share every detail of your budget in the customer portal and provide detailed updates and post-event reporting on actuals.  
Exceptional Execution Our team works with you through every step of the process with consistent communication to ensure your vision comes to life.  

What our customers say.

“I like the GoGather team’s creativity, professionalism and passion. I felt like they were an extension of my team.”
Beth TurnerDirector of Supplier Partnerships at MRINetwork

Hosting multiple events this year?

Our team can help you across all your events to bring cohesion and reduce planning stress on your team. Just inquire below.

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