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GoGather Corporate Events Management

Elevate Your Corporate Events

Streamline planning, achieve better results, and wow your attendees — without sacrificing your time or resources. Our expert team will help you make your next event the best yet.

Trusted by top brands for unforgettable experiences.

We know corporate events are complex.

From the never-ending tasks to the pressures from your organization, planning your corporate events can be like a second job.

Let's simplify the process.


How, you ask?

We'll provide you with the tools and team to help you escape endless tasks and focus on the bigger picture
(whether that's finding more attendees, engaging your sponsors, or any of your other large goals).

Our team will lend their expertise to help you build a strategic plan for your events — one that will hit your goals and set you up for future success.
Partnership is the core of what we do. From the vendors to the venues, everyone involved will be all-in on your vision and here to find creative solutions.
Standard Processes
Decades of experience have taught us the best ways to manage an event, and we will help you apply those best practices to your planning process.
From the planning timeline to your event budget, everything we do is backed by powerful technology tools that will give you visibility and confidence.

GoGather is your team behind the scenes.

For more than 15 years, GoGather has delivered incredible corporate events that support your creative concept, organizational mission, and event goals.

Our team is comprised of industry veterans who want to help your vision come to life. We're here to take you beyond the spreadsheet of tasks to a holistic event experience that provides value to your attendees, your business, and even you.

What sets us apart from your average events company? 

  • Expertise: Our team has decades of experience managing large-scale corporate events, meetings, and more.
  • Partnership: We believe in a collaborative approach that focuses on your business needs.
  • Passion: What can we say? We love events, and we're here to take yours to the next level.
  • People: At the end of the day, it's who you gather that matters. We're here to make your event experiences remarkable for the people involved.
Conference general session featuring people sitting at round tables, four large screens, and speaker on stage.
10,000+ Rooms Annually
1,000+ Events Managed
1M+ Attendees Wowed

Making you the rockstar.

Events that get 5-star ratings and praise from leadership? Let's make it happen.


What our clients say.

“I like the GoGather team’s creativity, professionalism and passion. I felt like they were an extension of my team.”

Beth TurnerDirector of Supplier Partnerships at MRINetwork

“I’d recommend GoGather without hesitation. I’ve worked with a lot of event management companies and they’re really fantastic.”

Claudia PanfilGroup Director at Ryder

“We made a great team. I had ideas. They [GoGather] had ideas. The key to our relationship was the collaboration. They were willing to be as hands-on and involved as we needed them to be.”

Annie EvansDirector of Community and Culture at Event Network

We take care of the additional details, too.

We know your event has many layers - make sure they all tie together. GoGather offers additional activities and services to incorporate at your next event.


Let's make your next gathering one to remember. Fill out the form below to speak with our team about planning your corporate event.