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Group of attendees watching sales kickoff event in dallas, texas


Our client enlisted GoGather's expertise to craft a 2-day annual kickoff event uniting branch managers, corporate partners, executives, and suppliers from across the nation. 

Program overview

The nation's leading distributor of truck and trailer parts and services, collaborated with GoGather, to host their annual event in Dallas, Texas.

During the event, the team wanted to share updates on their 2023 sales results, company vision, priorities, and 2024 plans.

They also wanted to allow attendees to interact with sponsors during the supplier expo and the opportunity to receive specialized training from the client support staff.

Additionally, attendees enjoyed themed dinners, fun activities, and networking events throughout the gathering.

Challenges: time constraints & limited resources

Event management is a crucial component of many businesses, but it can be challenging to handle in-house.

Although the client has a robust team that takes on a large role in the event planning process and on-site management, they don’t have a dedicated internal events team.

This absence of an internal events team presents a significant challenge for our client, especially when planning a large-scale event with +1000 attendees.

Understanding the complexity of the event they envisioned, managing it internally would be overly time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Hence, they turned to outsourcing as a solution.

Solutions: a trusted partnership

GoGather’s relationship with the client began more than 10 years ago when the company was looking for a dedicated project management team to handle all the details for a large-scale event. 

The client entrusted us with managing all event logistics so they could continue with their everyday responsibilities. 

We established weekly calls with the client team as part of our planning process. Their relationship with GoGather continues to grow each year, building a deep sense of mutual trust.

Group of attendees watching presentation at a sales kickoff
Project manager talking to supplier during an event
Project management team at a sales kickoff event on stage
Two men talking at a sales kickoff event
A man checking registering at a sales kickoff event

Solutions: collaborative ideation

Having GoGather on board provided a valuable third-party perspective to the client, ensuring that their annual event remains dynamic and engaging for attendees year after year. 

With GoGather involved early in the brainstorming process, we are able to offer out-of-the-box ideas to enhance the program flow and attendee experience.

See those ideas below.

Event table set up with Drive24 branded flag
Aerial view of the gaylord texan resort and convention center
Gaylord hotel hallway with Drive24 branding
Photo of wall with football players and sports themed branding
Attendees at a sales kickoff event talking next to a Drive24 sign
Floor decal that says Drive24

Expo after dark

This year, GoGather collaborated with the client to create a new concept for their attendee welcome dinner.  

Wanting a fresh experience, their marketing team came to GoGather with their vision for a “glow-in-the-dark” themed dinner.

GoGather then worked closely with various suppliers to bring that vision to life, incorporating elements such as:
  • Bar-themed food stations
  • Glow-in-the-dark bar carts
  • Interactive games
  • Lighting experience 
  • DJ with live music
Glow in the dark themed event setup with state and chef
Glow in the dark themed event dinner
Glow in the dark themed event dinner
Glow in the dark themed event dinner

VIP treatment

VIP treatment was especially important for the client. GoGather helped build a plan to manage the VIP logistics and provide a personalized experience for each VIP. 

This included arranging suite accommodations, private transfers, personalized in-room amenities, and ensuring their recognition by both the hotel and production team.

3 men talking at a sales kickoff event in dallas texas

Event flow

The Gaylord Hotel provided multiple meeting rooms and GoGather managed the flow of event attendees. 

The venue we chose allowed us to host a wide variety of sessions in one location, making it convenient for attendees and easy to plan around.

sales kickoff event agenda outlining schedule of Thursday through Sunday

Supplier summit and expo

The client also wanted to ensure a successful event for their sponsors, who are extremely important to the success of their event.

The GoGather team helped the client transform a dull expo hall into an interactive supplier expo, where over 100 booths and sponsors gathered to showcase their products and services. 

This was especially effective in helping attendees and sponsors interact in a more dynamic way than a traditional expo hall.

The GoGather team handled everything from booth placements to exhibitor logistics to sponsorship and integration.

The supplier expo proved to be a success, facilitating meaningful connections between suppliers and attendees.

Supplier expo hall at an event in dallas
A man giving a presentation at a supplier summit in dallas
Photo of a sign that says the supplier expo at an event
Supplier summit sign at an event
Supplier expo hall at an event in dallas
Group of attendees at a supplier summit in dallas texas

Solutions: venue management

Thanks to our close partnership with the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, GoGather was able to anticipate the client's event needs, even when they may not have been initially planned. 

Event manager helping set up branded sign at event in dallas texas


GoGather also helped manage room contracting, food & beverage, and branding needs for the event:

  • Room contracting: Made sure the room block falls within the contracted rate.
  • Planning and troubleshooting: Addressed any unforeseen challenges or logistical concerns. 
  • Meeting space: Oversaw any challenges with meeting space logistics, booking, and setup. 
  • Food & Beverage: Managed the menu, timing, and delivery of all F&B for attendees, staff, and sponsors, accommodating individual preferences and allergies
  • Branding: Coordinated the printing and installation of branding elements.
check-in arch at the gaylord resort and convention center
sign outside of the gaylord resort and convention center
Hotel lobby at the gaylord texan resort and convention center
western themed atrium at the gaylord texan resort and convention center


The client concluded their 2024 event, leaving attendees not only energized but also motivated to hit their sales targets and achieve goals for the upcoming year.

  • The central focus of the client's annual kickoff is to facilitate networking, uniting branch managers, corporate partners, executives, and suppliers from across the country.
  • Suppliers also left the event with strengthened connections to the client, feeling excited to have engaged with attendees and formed impactful connections.
  • Through continuous collaboration and partnership, we've developed a deep understanding of the client’s preferences and event goals. Our partnership allows us to help them create better events year after year.

GoGather services offered

GoGather offered a full-service approach to this event, from initial event design and strategy all the way through the little details onsite.

Strategy Planning  
Event Design & Agendas  
Project Management  
Onsite Management  
Entertainment Sourcing  
Evening Event  
Food & Beverage  
Sponsorship fulfillment  
Branding & Decor  
Expo Hall  
A/V & production management  
Venue Negotiations & Contracting  
Travel & GROUnd transportation  

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