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Group of attendees listening to presentation at a sales kickoff event in Amsterdam
Madison ShepherdMar 4, 2024 10:45:06 AM2 min read

Igniting Tech Sales Success in the US & Europe

GoGather collaborated with a prominent tech company to help organize their annual sales kickoff gatherings in two exciting locations: Boston and Amsterdam.

They turned to GoGather to elevate their events and created two inspiring 3-day experiences for their employees, combining education and connection.

City view in BostonCity view of canals in Amsterdam

Challenges: Global Consistency & Efficiencies

A major goal of the company’s annual sales kickoff was to share information regarding its new technologies and products.

With the company's global reach, ensuring consistency in event content and messaging across continents presented a significant challenge for them. 

Juggling various teams, locations, and language barriers added a layer of complexity. 

Presenters faced the challenge of delivering identical presentations across diverse continents and cultures, all while accommodating diverse attendee preferences. 

The company was looking for a partner to help them streamline operations and drive efficiency, freeing up more of their time to focus on planning presentation content and networking efforts. 

They wanted someone to manage all the tedious event details so they could focus on what mattered most: connecting with their employees.

Event venue in Amsterdam along canals

Solutions: Streamlining the Event Experience Through Strong Venue Management and Consistent Vendor Management

GoGather's event experts helped lift the burden of routine tasks, overseeing every detail of the event, including:

  • Site management: Created consistencies in how the company reviewed potential properties during site visits, inspections, hotel management, and food and beverage needs
  • Housing: Managed the registration and housing needs of attendees in both locations
  • Venue: Found a centrally-located space to support the housing and event needs of each kickoff within budget and to brand standards
  • Set-up & signage: Managed the set-up and tear-down of both events and ensured that all signage and thematic elements were included and well-executed
  • Registration & attendee support: Ensured a warm welcome for attendees during onsite check-in and supported them throughout the kickoff as representatives of the organization for a unified, quality experience
  • Food & beverage: Incorporated the unique essence of each location into the guests’ F&B experience 
  • Vendor management: Oversaw the seamless coordination of all vendors involved in the event, ensuring efficient collaboration and execution
  • Transportation companies: Managed dual-location logistics with transportation services to provide a comfortable experience for guests
  • Entertainment sourcing: Found engaging and high-end entertainment activities to captivate guests
  • AV companies: Coordinated with AV (audiovisual) companies to ensure the smooth integration and execution of speaker presentations

Group of attendees listening to presentation at a sales kickoff event

Impactful Results

The company wrapped up the sales kickoff, leaving employees not just energized but also contributing to setting a tone of success for the company in the upcoming year.

In addition to the wealth of shared information and exposure to new technologies, the event cultivated a strong sense of team camaraderie.

Despite the client’s predominantly remote workforce, their annual kickoff served as a unique opportunity for their global team to gather in person at the beginning of each year.

The fact that some employees are meeting each other in person for the first time at these sales kickoffs underscores the importance of these events, and how they help unite a globally dispersed team.

By entrusting us with all the intricate event planning tasks, our client was able to concentrate on fostering connections with their employees.

Through ongoing collaboration and partnership, we have gained a deep understanding of this company’s preferences and goals. This insight enables us to provide tailored and impactful event solutions.

Ready to plan your next event? Let's talk about how GoGather can make your next sales kickoff one you'll never forget.


Madison Shepherd

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