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Your location for insights into top event trends, strategies for your next event, and the fun stuff - incentives, gifting, and give back events. 
Katie MoserAug 2, 2023 4:05:07 PM9 min read

10 Strategies for Optimizing Venue Sourcing for Your Next Corporate Event

Your venue is one of the most important decisions to make when planning your event. But ...
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Katie MoserAug 2, 2023 10:55:06 AM7 min read

7 Top Event Registration Software + How to Make the Most of Your Event Registration Platform

Choosing the right event registration platform is essential for the success of any event, ...
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Katie MoserJun 29, 2023 4:40:07 PM10 min read

Measuring Event Success: A Comprehensive Guide to Tracking Event KPIs

You want your next event to be successful. Of course - otherwise, why go through the ...
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Katie MoserJun 7, 2023 2:37:45 PM14 min read

25 Key Event Promotion Ideas to Increase Attendance

Are you struggling to stand out in the sea of events?
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Katie MoserJun 6, 2023 10:50:16 AM10 min read

10 Smart Event Management Apps to Streamline Event Planning in 2023

The world of event planning is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the curve ...
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Katie MoserJun 5, 2023 11:51:58 AM13 min read

Creative Breakout Session Ideas for 2023

Is your annual conference starting to feel a bit stale?
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Katie MoserApr 25, 2023 2:36:38 PM6 min read

10 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Event Planning versus Hiring In-House

Events are back in full swing. According to Bizzabo, "98% of event organizers are ...
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Katie MoserApr 12, 2023 5:17:37 PM4 min read

How to Make Your Corporate Event More Eco-Friendly

Events, conferences, and meetings can have a significant impact on the environment, from ...
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Katie MoserApr 6, 2023 10:57:25 AM8 min read

How to Use ChatGPT to Plan Your Corporate Event

The ChatGPT conversation has taken over the world over the past few months, and I’m sure ...
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Katie MoserMar 9, 2023 3:00:00 AM8 min read

7 Incentive Travel Trends for 2023

Incentive trip planning for 2023 is already well underway, and just like the year before ...
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