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Madison ShepherdApr 3, 2024 10:23:32 AM4 min read

Savoring Success: A Celebration for a Company's 220th Year Anniversary

GoGather worked with a leader in the food manufacturing industry to organize their 220th ...
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Madison ShepherdMar 4, 2024 10:45:06 AM2 min read

Igniting Tech Sales Success in the US & Europe

GoGather collaborated with a prominent tech company to help organize their annual sales ...
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Katie MoserOct 25, 2022 11:09:00 AM4 min read

Tech Leader Levels Up User Conference

Discovering New Opportunities in the Lone Star State EZLynx is the industry leader in ...
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Katie MoserJan 10, 2022 10:28:00 AM1 min read

Ryder Manages Overlapping Events with Ease

The Challenge: Managing Complexity Ryder System excels at managing logistical challenges ...
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Brian KellermanJun 17, 2019 2:15:00 PM< 1 min read

Event Network Elevates Annual Conference

Challenge: Creating Efficiencies While Staying on Budget Event Network, North America’s ...
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Brian KellermanFeb 11, 2019 10:43:00 AM1 min read

Yearly Franchise Event Becomes Turnaround Success

Challenge: Increase Franchise Attendance Snelling, one of the largest franchise staffing ...
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Brian KellermanOct 8, 2018 4:00:00 PM1 min read

Celebrating and Exceeding Goals for Franchise Conference

Situation: Engaging Franchise Members MRI Network, a leading national executive search ...
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Brian KellermanJun 7, 2017 11:15:00 AM< 1 min read

Trade Show Program Roundup

Situation: Trade Show Decentralization A decentralized trade show program had a global ...
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Brian KellermanFeb 6, 2017 2:45:00 AM< 1 min read

Training Roadshows Increase Sales

Situation A global life sciences company was challenged to keep sales people trained on ...
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