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group of attendees at a trade show program
Brian KellermanJun 7, 2017 11:15:00 AM< 1 min read

Trade Show Program Roundup

Situation: Trade Show Decentralization

A decentralized trade show program had a global temporary housing corporation confused. When they contacted us, the lack of a central database made tracking trade show items nearly impossible – the location, type, and number of exhibit properties were completely unknown. They were panicking, but we had it covered.

GoGather Actions

  • Interviewed stakeholders to create an annual summary of current trade shows
  • Created a Trade Show Request form for registration of new shows
  • Inspected exhibit inventory at multiple locations, eliminated unusable properties, and created an new inventory system
  • Created a live, real-time enterprise site for exhibit photos, property and promotional item inventories, annual show summaries and budgets

Winning Results

  • Storage efficiency: storage costs lowered by reducing storage from 6 to 2 different sites
  • A completely tracked and organized trade show program
  • Program is still sustained through a webpage designed to share the information with all stakeholders
  • Ongoing management of 30 shows per year: involves all show logistics, including registration, exhibit shipping, show service orders and promotional items

Brian Kellerman

Brian co-founded GoGather in 2008 to create an organization with big agency capabilities and a boutique agency feel. Working with top brands in multiple industries, Brian has translated corporate culture, goals and objectives into meaningful, personal experiences at events. From incentive programs in Bora Bora to conventions in Boston, Brian has covered the globe with over 20 years of experience. As a leader within his agency and industry, Brian has served on the board of the San Diego chapter of the American Marketing Association and received one of the first Strategic Meetings Management Program certifications from the GBTA.