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Amsterdam canals and buildings
Madison ShepherdFeb 15, 2024 3:53:10 PM3 min read

5 Reasons to Host Your Sales Kickoff in Amsterdam

Looking for a way to boost your sales team's morale and get everyone amped up to hit their targets?

A sales kickoff meeting is one of the most effective ways to accomplish these goals when starting a new sales cycle, quarter, or year.

And what better place to motivate your team than in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, often referred to as "The Venice of the North"? With its picturesque canals and breathtaking cityscape, Amsterdam serves as the perfect backdrop to spark motivation and creativity among your sales team.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of hosting your next sales kickoff in Amsterdam.

Why Should You Host Your Next Sales Kickoff in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is known for its world-class conventions, events, and trade fairs held each year. With hundreds of diverse venues to choose from and an endless list of exciting activities to try, Amsterdam serves as the perfect destination to bring your next event to life. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider hosting your next sales kickoff in Amsterdam.

1. Inspiring Atmosphere

According to Forbes, creativity is one of the most undervalued sales skills, and companies that foster creativity are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their peers in terms of revenue growth.

Amsterdam is the perfect setting to inspire attendees: you and your sales team strolling through the beautiful streets of Amsterdam, en route to your upcoming kickoff meeting where not only tulips bloom, but also your creativity.

Creativity is a characteristic that is often overlooked by sales professionals. However, it is actually a very important skill that can give your team an advantage in driving sales. 

Aston Business School, one of Europe's leading business schools, conducted research that discovered a remarkable correlation between the creativity of sales professionals and their ability to generate higher sales compared to their less creative counterparts. 

That's why we highly recommend Amsterdam as the ideal location for your sales kickoff. The city's charming canals and historic architecture create an inspiring atmosphere that goes beyond the typical boardroom setting. 

The picturesque surroundings will boost your team's motivation and creativity, setting the stage for a successful sales cycle.

Tulips in Amsterdam

2. Team Bonding Beyond the Boardroom

Over 80% of employers and employees believe that creating a sense of community at work is crucial for success.

And what better way to foster that sense of community than through engaging in exciting activities with your sales team? 

In Amsterdam, you can bike alongside historical landmarks, indulge in a Dutch food tour, or even take a boat ride down the canals. 

These unique experiences not only offer team-building opportunities but also strengthen the camaraderie among your sales team. Amsterdam provides the perfect balance of work and leisure, ensuring that your team returns with unforgettable memories.  

Dutch Pastries in Amsterdam

3. Centrally Located

Amsterdam, strategically situated at the heart of Europe, offers a convenient and accessible location for businesses looking to expand their international network. 

With excellent transportation links and a major international airport, it's easy for your team to gather and maneuver around the city. 

Once the sales meeting concludes, you can take some much-needed PTO and hop on a quick flight to exciting destinations like Dublin, London, or even Paris before heading back home. 

Amsterdam is also an excellent pick for incentive travel, making it a great place to blend your kickoff with a sales incentive.


4. Many Hotels and Venues to Choose From

From iconic historical buildings to high-end facilities committed to sustainability, Amsterdam has over 500 diverse venues to perfectly suit your next event.

The dream day: You and your team can enjoy productive sales meetings throughout the day and end the “work” day at a charming medieval castle for a delightful dinner. Cap off the night with drinks and enjoy a peaceful sleep at one of the city's exquisite hotels. The possibilities here are endless! 

Event Venue in Amsterdam along canals

5. No Shortage of Event Speakers

Amsterdam has a long history as a successful business hub. The city is filled with progressive thinkers, startups, and interconnected networks that breed innovation. 

With a variety of speakers rooted in this region, your event gains access to a diverse pool of expertise and insights. 

Whether hosting influential figures from the city or diving into local business practices, the experience will inspire your team, bringing back fresh perspectives to elevate your business strategies. 

Group of attendees listening to presentation at a sales kickoff event in Amsterdam


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