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Madison ShepherdJun 7, 2024 9:06:40 AM10 min read

The 10 Best Event Logistics Companies of 2024

Looking for the best event management company to help plan your next corporate event? 

We know how challenging it can be to research and find the right partner to meet your event needs.

To simplify your search, we've compiled a list of the top 10 event logistics companies for 2024, featuring industry leaders known for their innovation and exceptional service in managing events of all sizes.

What Are the Best Event Logistics Companies?

The first step to a successful event is selecting the right event management partner, capable of bringing your sales kickoff, conference, incentive trip, or corporate meeting goals to life. 

The best event logistics companies of 2024 are:

  1. GoGather
  2. Freeman
  3. Jack Morton
  4. CPG Agency
  5. Event Logistics Inc.
  6. GES
  7. GPJ
  8. Destination Concepts Inc.
  9. TK Events
  10. MGME

GoGather Event Logistics Company

1. GoGather

GoGather is a global event management company, specializing in planning the logistics of corporate conferences and events of all sizes. They provide strategic planning, creative design, and seamless execution for their clients around the world. 

For more than 15 years, GoGather has served as a strategic partner for businesses hosting corporate events, leveraging decades of combined experience in event planning and management to ensure the success of your gatherings.

From large-scale conferences to product launches to breakout sessions, they handle all the event planning logistics so you don’t have to. 

Headquarters: San Diego, California

Instagram: gogather

LinkedIn: GoGather Corporate Meetings and Events

What clients does GoGather work with?

Thermo Fisher, Ryder, Jackson Hewitt, FleetPride, Comfort Keepers, and Clipper Magazine

What event logistics services does GoGather offer?

  • Full-service event management
  • Event logistics management (on & off-site)
  • Contract management, negotiations, and legal support
  • Brand management and signage
  • Budgeting and reporting
  • Attendee registration
  • Hoteling and site selection support, management, and negotiations
  • Food and beverage management
  • Attendee management

Who is GoGather best for?

GoGather is the best pick for companies looking for a full-service corporate event management partner or comprehensive event logistics planning services

They specialize in managing logistics for corporate conferences, corporate meetings, incentive trips, and sales kickoff events of all sizes. 

Freeman Event Logistics Company

2. Freeman

With a 96-year legacy in the event management industry, Freeman provides integrated event planning services you can rely on. They deliver a full range of event logistics services tailored to corporate events, designed not only to motivate your audience but also to enhance your event's visual appeal.

Additionally, Freeman offers the Freeman Technology Suite, which includes interactive tools to simplify your logistics planning process and enhance the on-site experience.

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Instagram: freemancompany

LinkedIn: Freeman Company

What clients does Freeman work with?

FreightWaves, Link-Belt, International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE), and eBay Motors.

What services does Freeman offer?

  • Event management
  • Event sponsorship activations
  • Design and creative
  • Event technology and software
  • AV and production 
  • Event marketing and analytics
  • Program and event management
  • Contingency planning and crisis

Who is Freeman best for?

Freeman is typically considered more of a tradeshow company, and they're among the market leaders, which likely positions them as a pricier choice for event management services.

Jack Morton Event Logistics Company

3. Jack Morton

Jack Morton is a global events management agency focused on building experience brands. They are best known for event and experiential marketing, integrated campaigns, digital and content marketing, sponsorships marketing and employee engagement. 

They also have special expertise with experiential technology, public events, trade shows and broadcast design.

Jack Moron is a well-rounded events logistics company with the ability to handle all the logistics and operations of your big events or conferences. 

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

Instagram: jackmorton

LinkedIn: Jack Morton Worldwide

What clients does Jack Morton work with?

IBM, General Motors, Subway, adidas, Google, and Royal Caribbean

What services does Jack Morton offer?

  • Logistics and operations
  • Experience strategy
  • Event portfolio planning
  • Agenda design
  • Sponsorship sales
  • Budget management
  • Event design
  • Audience acquisition
  • Venue sourcing and management 

Who is Jack Morton best for?

Jack Morton is the best event logistics company for creating highly immersive experiences. They usually work with large clients that have big ideas – and big budgets!

CPG Agency Event Logistics Company

4. CPG Agency 

For nearly 40 years, CPG Agency has crafted immersive live experiences for some of the world's most popular brands. 

Specializing in live event production and experiential activations, CPG excels at creating meaningful interactions. These interactions are designed to inspire action and drive business growth.

Headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri

Instagram: cpgagency

LinkedIn: CPG Agency

What clients does CPG Agency work with?

Southwest, Panera Bread, Jimmy John’s Sandwiches, Sports Clips, and Ulta Beauty 

What services does the CPG Agency offer?

  • Hotel room management
  • End-to-end sourcing
  • Attendee management 
  • Ground air/ ground support
  • Arrival and departure manifests
  • Registration management and status
  • Digital communication
  • Food and beverage planning
  • Budget management 

Who is the CPG Agency best for?

CPG Agency is the best event logistics company for those looking to host virtual or live events and need full-service event production assistance. 

Since 1985, they have worked with big brands to create impactful corporate event experiences. 

Event Logistics Company

5. Event Logistics Inc.

Founded in 1994, Event Logistics, Inc. has more than 25 years of expertise in crafting and managing corporate meetings, events, and experiences both in Nashville and worldwide. 

Their primary offerings encompass strategic meetings management, event design and production, destination management, and sponsorship development.

Clients from Fortune 500 corporations to boutique teams rely on Event Logistics, Inc. to make their meetings and events both memorable and successful.

Headquarters: Nashville, Tennessee

Instagram: eventlogisticsinc

LinkedIn: Event Logistics, Inc.

What clients does Event Logistics Inc. work with?

College Football Playoff, Capital One Orange Bowl, MSC cruises, and Rolling Loud

What services does Event Logistics Inc. offer?

  • Event logistics
  • Budgeting 
  • On-site operations
  • Security plan and management
  • Vendor selection and management
  • Hospitality and concessions management
  • Signage installation
  • Vendor selection and management
  • Transportation

Who is Event Logistics Inc. best for?

Event Logistics Inc. is the best event logistics company for those in the sports/ entertainment, travel/ tourism, or public health/ nonprofit industries who are seeking personalized event logistics services. 

GES Event Logistics Company

6. GES

GES is a global exhibition and trade show management company that connects people to experiences and one another. The GES logistics team can skillfully and efficiently manage the logistics for your company’s next tradeshow or event. 

They offer all-inclusive logistics services including pick-up of your shipment, storage at the advance warehouse, priority delivery to the venue, and on-site management. 

US Headquarters: Las Vegas, Nevada

Instagram: ges_global

LinkedIn: GES- Global Experience Specialists

What clients does GES work with? 

American Society of Nephrology Kidney Week, Natural Products Expo West, and Global Pet Expo

What services does GES offer? 

  • Strategy and show planning
  • Tradeshow shipping and logistics
  • On-site representation
  • Advance warehousing
  • Event logistics
  • Exhibit management
  • Creative and graphic design
  • Sponsorship activations
  • Event accommodations 

Who is GES best for?

GES Events is one of the best event logistics companies for those looking to host exhibitions or trade shows. 

George P. Johnson Event Logistics Company

7. George P. Johnson

Known for its experiential marketing and corporate events, George P. Johnson is a global leader in the event management industry. Their mission is to unleash the power of creativity to deliver experiences that elevate brands and drive tangible results.

With offices all around the world and a diverse range of services, they provide their clients with localized expertise. 

They take care of all facets of event production including coordination of speakers, timelines, and resources – often crossing over into logistics.

Headquarters: Auburn Hills, Michigan

Instagram: gpjexperiencemarketing

LinkedIn: George P Johnson Experience Marketing

What clients does George P. Johnson work with?

Jeep, Google, Google, Call of Duty, IBM, Salesforce, and Acura 

What services does George P. Johnson offer?

  • Location and venue sourcing
  • Start to finish logistics — shipping, warehousing, set up, breakdown 
  • Live and digital production
  • Registration services 
  • Roadshow planning
  • General session design
  • Hotel and booking management
  • Corporate event planning 
  • Speaker/ artist booking and management 

Who is George P. Johnson best for?

George P. Johnson is the best choice for large brands seeking a seasoned production company that provides comprehensive logistics services, including shipping, warehousing, setup, and breakdown. 

They excel in creating unique corporate events and experiences with exceptional production value.

Destination Concepts Event Logistics Company

8. Destination Concepts Inc. 

Destination Concepts Inc. is a full-service global events management company serving corporate clients based in California. 

For more than 24 years, DCI has been crafting brand-centric events through its dedicated team of creative event professionals. They understand that successful logistics means anticipating and fulfilling every need of event attendees.

Headquarters: San Diego, California

Instagram: destinationconcepts

LinkedIn: Destination Concepts Inc.

What clients does Destination Concepts Inc. work with?

Destination Concepts Inc. typically works with clients in the quick service restaurant, automotive, and finance industries. 

What services does Destination Concepts Inc. offer?

  • DMC
  • Virtual events
  • Event Logistics management 
  • Brand management
  • Creative design
  • Event design and production
  • Venue sourcing

Who is Destination Concepts Inc. best for?

Destination Concepts Inc. is the ideal choice for those seeking innovative event solutions and a partner who can inject inspiration and enthusiasm into their events.TK events Event Logistics Company

9. TK Events

TK Events is a Canadian and UK-based event agency with a global client base and over 30 years of experience in the events industry.

They position themselves as your one-stop integrated solution for hybrid, in-person, and virtual events. TK Events is dedicated to crafting limitless experiences, bringing their clients' events to life across diverse audiences and geographies.

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada and London, UK

Instagram: tkeventsinc

LinkedIn: TK Events Inc.

What clients does TK Events Inc. work with?

Dell, Salesforce, Quadient, SOTI SYNC, Facebook, and Bank of Montreal

What services does TK Events Inc. offer?

  • Event logistics
  • Event concepts and design
  • Venue sourcing and contract negotiation
  • Exhibits and immersive experiences
  • Entertainment and activations
  • Event technology integration

Who is TK Events Inc. best for?

TK Events is the best pick for companies looking to host an event in Canada or the UK, and who may be interested in hosting hybrid events. 


MGME Event Logistics Company

10. McVeigh Global Meetings and Events (MGME)

MGME is an award-winning provider ranked among the top 25 for its innovative meeting management, creative services, and event production solutions in the global MICE industry.  

Focused on creating human connections across the globe, the company has team members in 25 countries with meetings and events experience in over 70.

Whether your meeting is for 15 or 15,000 attendees, MGME is dedicated to managing every logistical detail. Their account teams have extensive experience with corporate events of all types and sizes, from large arenas and user conferences to leadership retreats and small meetings.

Headquarters: New York, New York

Instagram: mgmeglobal

LinkedIn: MGME

What clients does MGME work with?

MGME typically works with clients in the marketing, technology, and retail industries. 

What services does MGME offer?

  • Hotel room management
  • End-to-end sourcing
  • Attendee management 
  • Ground air/ ground support
  • Arrival and departure manifests
  • Registration management and status
  • Digital communication
  • Food and beverage planning
  • Budget management 

Who is MGME best for?

MGME is best for clients who are looking for custom end-to-end event solutions, or with multiple events across the globe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is event logistics?

Event logistics refers to the comprehensive planning, organization, and management of all the physical and operational aspects needed to ensure a corporate event runs smoothly. 

It encompasses a wide range of activities and considerations, including:

  1. Venue Selection and Setup: Choosing the appropriate location for the event and arranging the physical setup, including seating, stages, booths, lighting, and sound systems.
  2. Transportation and Parking: Coordinating transportation for attendees, including shuttles, public transportation options, and parking arrangements.
  3. Accommodation: Arranging lodging for attendees, especially for multi-day events, which may involve booking hotels and managing group room blocks.
  4. Food and Beverage: Organizing food and beverage services, including meal planning, dietary considerations, and managing caterers or food vendors.
  5. Equipment and Materials: Ensuring that all necessary equipment (e.g., audiovisual gear, computers, projectors) and materials (e.g., printed programs, promotional items) are available and in place.
  6. Registration and Check-In: Setting up systems for attendee registration, ticketing, and check-in processes, both online and on-site.
  7. Staffing: Recruiting and managing staff to handle various tasks during the event.
  8. Security and Safety: Implementing security measures and safety protocols to protect attendees, staff, and property.
  9. Speakers and Entertainment: Coordinating travel, accommodation, and schedules for speakers, entertainment, or special guests.
  10. Contingency Planning: Preparing for potential issues or emergencies, such as medical incidents, weather disruptions, or technical failures.

event manager analyzing a corporate hotel document

What is the role of an event logistics manager?

An Event Logistics Manager is tasked with developing a detailed event timeline that incorporates all vendors and venues involved. 

They ensure the availability of essential materials and staff, coordinate with vendors, and monitor deadlines. 

Additionally, they oversee event setup to guarantee smooth operations and offer support during the event itself.

Ready to Plan Your Next Corporate Event?

GoGather has years of experience in conference logistics and event management services, crafting memorable experiences for high-profile brands. 

Unlike other event logistics companies, GoGather works closely with you to create experiences that are creative, streamlined, and smart. Let’s brainstorm your next event together.

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