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Madison ShepherdApr 6, 2024 4:36:33 PM9 min read

Top 10 Corporate Incentive Travel Planners of 2024

Are you ready to take your incentive program to the next level? 

We’ve created a list of the top 10 corporate incentive travel planning companies that can help you craft unforgettable experiences for your top performers, partners, and customers. 

The Best Incentive Travel Management Agencies

Let us help take the guesswork out of planning your next incentive trip. 

Whether you're looking for a company to help identify locations, plan activities or manage travel, these companies have the right combination of skills to help you host a ‘wow’ worthy event. 

The top 10 incentive travel planning companies of 2024 are:

  1. GoGather
  2. Maritz Global Events
  3. BI Worldwide
  4. ITA Group
  5. First Incentive Travel
  6. Brightspot 
  7. One10
  8. Creative Group
  9. CIRE Travel
  10. Cadence Travel

These event management companies were selected based on factors such as expertise, reliability, innovation, and variety of services offered. 

A lot of planning goes into incentive travel, and choosing the right partner can elevate your event from just okay to truly memorable. 

gogather incentive travel planner

1. GoGather

GoGather has decades of combined experience in the world of event management and incentive programs. Their team works closely with you identify your goals, plan communications, and build out a full event strategy. 

They believe that your incentive travel program should be a crafted experience that's more than just a vacation in a pretty location. They’ll help you put together a trip from start to finish that inspires your employees to hit their sales targets year after year.

GoGather also recognizes that incentive travel goes beyond just rewarding internal employees; it serves as a powerful tool for client incentives, partner recognition, and dealer incentives. 

Headquarters: San Diego, California

Instagram: gogather

LinkedIn: GoGather Corporate Meetings and Events

What clients does GoGather work with?

GoGather works with many Fortune 1000 companies in various industries including transportation logistics, scientific research, healthcare, and financial services. 

What services does GoGather offer?

Full-service event management, including strategy, destination selection, itinerary planning, contracts and negotiations, logistics management (on & off-site), brand management, budgeting and reporting, and attendee experience

What destinations has GoGather hosted incentive programs in?

Bali, Mallorca, Florence, Costa Rica, Cabo San Lucas, Hawaii, Bora Bora

Maritz incentive travel planning company logo

2. Maritz Global Events

Maritz has more than 60 years of experience planning incentive trips. They strive to create bold, unforgettable experiences that motivate salespeople, drive growth, and build employee loyalty. 

They understand that incentive travel programs look different for each company and that different trips have different needs. If you’re looking for a company that can tailor their services to meet your unique requirements, Maritz is a great fit.

Headquarters: Fenton, Missouri

LinkedIn: Maritz

What clients does Maritz work with?

Martiz serves diverse clients across multiple sectors, spanning from agriculture to healthcare. 

What services does Maritz offer?

Program design and campaign communications, sourcing and contracting, registration and ticketing, onsite event support 

What destinations has Maritz hosted incentive programs in?

St. Kitts, Nevis, Bahamas, London

BI worldwide incentive travel planning company logo

3. BI Worldwide

BI Worldwide, established in 1950, is a well-known events agency with offices around the world. They understand the power of inspiring employees through travel experiences and are passionate about creating incentive programs that directly benefit your bottom line.

Their comprehensive event solutions encompass sales incentives, employee recognition programs, and a diverse range of experiential rewards tailored for employees, sales teams, channel partners, and clients. 

Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Instagram: biworldwide


What clients does BI Worldwide work with?

They work with clients in a variety of industries including hospitality, technology, logistics, and staffing.

What services does BI Worldwide offer?

Employee recognition, employee rewards, travel incentives, employee engagement, sales incentives, sales rewards, and customer loyalty programs

What destinations has BI Worldwide hosted incentive programs in?

U.S., Australia, Canada, China, Latin America, India, and the United Kingdom

ITA group  incentive travel planning company logo

4. ITA Group

Since 1963, the ITA group has been managing events, incentives, and recognition programs that inspire both businesses and audiences. By combining data and teamwork, they curate programs that celebrate achievements and encourage positive actions.

They view incentive programs as more than just fancy getaways; they see them as opportunities for stakeholders to ignite motivation and for attendees to get the recognition they deserve.

Headquarters: West Des Moines, Idaho

Instagram: itagroup

LinkedIn: ITA Group, Inc.

What clients does ITA Group work with?

Most of ITA’s clients are in software and technology, insurance and risk management, financial services, and telecommunications industries. 

What services does ITA Group offer?

Incentive travel, air management, event management, event gifting, event analytics, and on-site management

What destinations has ITA Group hosted incentive programs in?

Marrakech, Rome, San José Del Cabo, Dominican Republic, Singapore, Vietnam, South Africa

first incentive travel  incentive travel planning company logo

5. First Incentive Travel

First Incentive Travel specializes in creating inspiring corporate travel programs that bring your teams together. Serving as an extension of your team, they handle all aspects of event communication strategy, planning, and execution.

Specializing in rewards programs, corporate retreats, and cruise programs, their expertise guarantees a successful incentive program from start to finish.

Headquarters: Orlando, Florida

Instagram: firstincentivetravel

LinkedIn: First Incentive Travel Inc.

What clients does First Incentive Travel work with?

Most of their clients are in the automotive manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. 

What services does First Incentive Travel offer?

Full corporate travel services, site inspection, vendor management, on-site program management, giveaway and branding merchandising, and air travel management 

What destinations has First Incentive Travel hosted incentive programs in?

Aruba, Bahamas, Punta Cana, Cancun, Los Cabos, Hawaii, Bermuda, Africa, Europe

brightspot  incentive travel planning company logo

6. Brightspot

Brightspot, an award-winning event management agency, offers customized sales incentive programs, group incentive travel, full-service meeting planning, and integrated engagement campaigns.

They specialize in crafting once-in-a-lifetime experiences for your highest performers. Whether you want to host a domestic or international trip, they can help you design the right experiential incentive program that fits your company’s needs. 

Headquarters: Irving, Texas

Instagram: brightspotie

LinkedIn: Brightspot Incentives & Events

What clients does Brightspot work with?

They work with various clients in the food, cybersecurity, telecommunications, and media industries. 

What services does Brightspot offer?

Partner rewards, dealer incentives, customer loyalty, employee awards and recognition, program design and management, and sales incentive award programs

What destinations has Brightspot hosted incentive programs in?

Bahamas, Punta Cana, Fiji, Punta de Mita, Costa Rica, Park City

One10 incentive travel planning company logo

7. One10

One10 is a leader in performance improvement solutions, including incentives and recognition, travel and events, and marketing services. 

They understand that travel is a universal motivator, but choosing the right kind of travel for your company can be a challenge. They work closely with clients to develop personalized events that inform, engage, and reward stakeholders. 

Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Instagram: one10inc

LinkedIn: One10

What clients does One10 work with?

They work with large-scale companies in the hospitality and travel industries. 

What services does One10 offer?

Employee incentive and recognition programs, channel partner incentives, customer loyalty and engagement programs

What destinations has One10 hosted incentive programs in?

South Africa, Nashville, Paris, Bermuda, New Zealand, Maldives, St. Lucia

creative group  incentive travel planning company logo

8. Creative Group

Since 1970, Creative Group has been a top meeting, incentive, and recognition agency. They enjoy hosting events in unique destinations and giving their clients ‘wow’ worthy experiences. 

The Creative Group are experts in understanding current trends and what a multi-generational workforce wants when it comes to incentive programs. If you’re looking to partner with an innovative event management agency with fresh ideas, the Creative Group is a great pick.

Headquarters: Schaumburg, Illinois

Instagram: cgthrive

LinkedIn: Creative Group, Inc.

What clients does Creative Group work with?

They primarily work with clients in the retail, hospitality, manufacturing, finance and insurance industries 

What services does Creative Group offer?

Strategic sourcing and contract negotiations, logistics planning and onsite execution, gifts and amenities, registration and attendee management, supplier management

What destinations has Creative Group hosted incentive programs in?

Scotland, Machu Picchu, Monaco, France, Italy, Cabo San Lucas

cire travel  incentive travel planning company logo

9. CIRE Travel

CIRE Travel has experience with arranging incentive trip itineraries personalized to the group or the individual, and they do it all using their A-list connections. 

They help their clients plan exceptional, concierge-style incentive trips for employees who seek a luxury experience. They believe that to be a true reward, your incentive program has to go beyond the typical vacation. 

Headquarters: New York, New York

Instagram: ciretravel

LinkedIn: CIRE Travel

What clients does CIRE Travel work with?

Their clients are entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses across all industries. 

What services does CIRE Travel offer?

Destination selection, air travel management, budgeting assistance, ground transportation, accommodations, entertainment and activities, arrival and departure manifests

What destinations has CIRE Travel hosted incentive programs in?

Cancun, Banff, Italy, Germany, Belize

cadence  incentive travel planning company logo

10. Cadence Travel

Cadence is an award-winning, internationally recognized travel company, providing a selection of travel planning services to meet your specific needs.

They enjoy helping companies choose unique destinations that match their brand personality and goals. Cadence designs incentive travel programs that help reward employee performance and build a stronger culture for your business.

Headquarters: San Diego, California

Instagram: cadencetravel


What clients does Cadence work with?

Cadence works with many Fortune 500 companies and other corporate groups as small as 20 people to as large as 500 people.

What services does Cadence offer?

Full-service program management, hotel sourcing, negotiating and contracting, attendee management, group air management, and on-site staffing

What destinations has Cadence hosted incentive programs in?

Park City, Lake Tahoe, Cabo San Lucas, Paris, China, Croatia, Hawaii, Germany

modern incentive travel venue in jungle

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an incentive travel company?

An incentive travel company specializes in planning and managing travel experiences as rewards or incentives for employees, clients, or partners of businesses. 

Incentive travel companies have the expertise to assist you in selecting the perfect destination, venue, and activities while managing all logistic aspects of the event. 

For more information, read our blog detailing what an incentive travel company is and how they can help you manage every aspect of your trip.

event manager shaking hands with attendees at an incentive travel event in Mexico

What services do incentive travel companies offer?

Incentive travel companies offer a wide range of services to facilitate the planning and execution of incentive travel programs. Some of these include:

  • Strategy
  • Destination research and selection
  • Venue selection
  • Hotel negotiations
  • Logistics management (air travel, activities, food and beverage)
  • Itinerary planning
  • Budget management
  • Attendee experience 
  • On-site management 

evening incentive trip dinner on the beach in Mexico

(Photo from an incentive trip GoGather managed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico)

What are the benefits of using an incentive travel company?

Using an incentive travel company offers numerous benefits for companies looking to reward or motivate their employees, clients, or partners. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Expertise and experience
  • Time and resource savings
  • Access to exclusive destinations and experiences
  • Cost savings
  • Risk mitigation
  • Enhanced brand reputation
  • Memorable experiences
  • Improved retention among top employees 

For more information, read our blog highlighting all the benefits of incentive travel in motivating your employees and beyond. 

event planner talking to two attendees at an incentive program in mallorca

What is the difference between incentive travel and travel incentives?

Incentive travel is a type of reward program that is used to motivate and reward employees, partners, or customers for hitting certain goals. These are typically high-end, all-inclusive experiences that include airfare, accommodations, food, and experiences.

Travel incentives are rewards that are given to employees, partners, or customers for achieving certain objectives. These may include hotel nights or airfare tickets that can be used for travel-related expenses.

Learn more about the difference between incentive travel and travel incentives in our blog. 

group of attendees enjoying dinner at incentive trip in spain

(Photo from an incentive trip GoGather managed in Mallorca, Spain)

Ready to Plan Your Next Event?

GoGather provides comprehensive management services for all kinds of incentive travel programs, whether you are planning a one-time trip or annual events. By becoming a valuable extension of your team, GoGather can help you create impactful experiences for your team that are remembered for years to come. Let’s brainstorm your next trip together.


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